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            Sage T.G.Narayanaswamy (popularly referred to as Sage TGN) is a practical and practising philosopher who, through contemplation and research, has found clear and categorical answers to the cardinal questions listed below that have been assailing the Mind of Man from time immemorial:


·         Who or What is God?

·         What is the purpose of Birth in this world?

·         What is Life which inhabits the physical body and leaves it without notice?

·         What is Mind which operates multi-pointed and identifies Pleasure and Pain?

·         Why do violent deaths occur and is there any means to prevent them?

·         Is there such a thing as Fate or Destiny?

·         Is there any linkage between Action and Result?


Sage TGN had the supreme satisfaction of ascertaining that his findings on the above-mentioned topics were confirmed in the teachings of ancient scriptures such as Yoga Vaasishtam and  Tripura Rahasyam. The former is a voluminous compendium of the spiritual training classes conducted by Sage Vasishtar for the benefit of the crown-prince of Ayodhya, Lord Rama and the latter comprises the instructions of Sage Dattatreyar to Lord Parasurama. It is noteworthy that in both the cases the Avatar-disciples were face-to-face with the crisis of their life, which had led them to the grim conclusion that the world was not worth living in. Thus the two scriptures of rare literary merit, are actually Manuals on Crisis-Management. Sage TGN has called these guidebooks to aid in handling many a management-training programme on Crisis-Management with memorable success.


Bliss Is Our Birthright

Sage TGN has delivered extensive Talks on such scriptures and accounts on the Life and Mission of Gautama the Buddha, Jesus the Christ, Tiruvalluvar, Andal, Adi Sankarar, Pattinathar, Avvaiyar, Thayumanavar, Ramana Maharishi, Subramania Bharati and J.Krishnamurti. These Realised Souls gave out a philosophy with common features and all of them were keen that Misery should be eradicated from Man’s life, since Misery is not natural or native to him, whereas Happiness is.


Sage TGN has himself made averments that are clarion-calls to the whole of the human race:

·         Bliss is our birthright and we shall have it.

·         Happiness is our heritage. Reclaim it by the simple exercise of identifying yourself.

·         Peace is your property. So do not allow it to be alienated under any circumstance.


Sage TGN is of the firm view that Mankind is not the ultimate in Evolution. Having descended from the animal-realm, Man has one more stage to evolve into and that stage is Divinity. It is for this reason that, in the Indian mythological concept of God’s descension on the Earth, the slot of the Tenth Avatar is left vacant. “You and you alone are the Tenth Avatar, O Man, and all you have to do is to qualify yourself for the Elevation through appropriate changes to your mode of living”, announces Sage TGN in strident tones.


For Eradication Of Misery

            Says he further, “Misery will abate in Man’s life only when the mode of living comes into consonance  with the purpose of life and not until then”.


            And what is the purpose of life, Sirs? It is to render your life-energy pure by cleansing it of the stigmas thrown on it as Imprints by the Mind becoming intoxicated with proximate objects of the world and generating desires and indulging in emotional deeds. This stage represents stagnation of Consciousness and that is what you call Misery. Free your Consciousness and its free velocity will then take you to the Goal that is so Glorious.


            The essence of Sage TGN’s Practical Philosophy is that it proffers a Message of Hope and a Method of Deliverance. Innumerable seekers the world over have seen the Light and they have not looked back since.


Rational And Scientific

            Sage TGN’s Practical Philosophy is totally rational and wholly scientific and that is why it draws persons of all religions, castes, creeds and age-groups. And what is Science? Science is Science because an experiment conducted in one place can be replicated in your own laboratory to yield the same result. Philosophy becomes Science when the tenets of the former are tried out in the laboratory of your own life and you derive Peace and Happiness as a result. That way Sage TGN’s Practical Philosophy is Pure and Applied Science in every sense of the term. There are no regimentations or rituals in the Spiritual Training Programmes conducted by him; and what is more, he accords the fullest liberty to seekers to accept or reject his philosophy and in any case, not to accept it unless it appeals to their reason.


            Hear Sage TGN in conclusion:  “Man who is born free, ever remains free and the shackles he finds on himself are the product of his own Ignorance, the only antidote to which is Wisdom (Jnaanam) sans phrase”.


            It is this ultimate and perfect philosophy of Wisdom that Sage TGN is offering to the world in all kindness. Would you turn away from it and lose the opportunity of a lifetime? Decide here and now that you deserve Peace and Happiness and commence the noble endeavour of restructuring your inner personality to become a Light unto yourself and to others around you …….