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 Books authored by Sage TGN :



English Books

1.   Andal’s Tiruppavai –English Translation by Sage TGN

2.   Upadesa Undhiyar – English Translation by Sage TGN
3.   Why Many Gods & Other Questions Answered by Sage TGN

4.   Practical Philosophy for Peace & Prosperity by Sage TGN   (Reprint - 2007)

4a  Corrigendum to 4

5.   Way to Peace and Happiness by Sage TGN (Reprint - 2007)


 Tamil Books

1.         Illara Vazhkaiyil Inakkamum Inimaiyum

2.         Tiripura Rahasyam: Paavai Kaattiya Pathai

3.         Adi Sankara’s Bhaja Govindham – Commentary by Sage TGN


                       Note : Any quote from Master’s Talks / Writings by any individual, group or Organisation may please be done with due respectful acknowledgement to the Source.